The Whispers | a short audio story for Halloween.

I love this time of year.  Though autumn may signify a decay on its way to death, for me the season has always felt like a renewal.  This may have something to do with the school year always starting in the fall.  And this year, more than most, I am missing my east coast fall.  In mid October temperatures were still nearly 100 degrees in Los Angeles.  Heresy.  

Last year I'd listened to an audiobook Halloween short story that Neil Gaiman had posted for free on Audible.  I really enjoyed hearing a new short, scary story and it inspired me to write and narrate one of my own this year.  It helped me beat the heat and reminded me of darker, colder places in the world that are better equipped to usher in autumn.  

Also, Neil Gaiman had released his story to raise money for a charity.  For every download from audible, a certain amount of money went to the charity.  I liked his idea so much that I wanted to do it myself.  So I wrote The Whispers and narrated it.  I don't have nearly the reach that Neil Gaiman has, but I will do what I can with the small part of the world I can reach.  I'm releasing the story on SoundCloud the Monday before Halloween and for every listen and download I get through Nov 1st 2015 I will donate one dollar to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Please give my story a listen.  I hope it brings some holiday cheer to you.  And help support a great cause.