SHINER makes the Tracking Board's Young And Hungry List

So, I’m kind of blown away by this announcement.  My play SHINER made The Tracking Board’s Young And Hungry list of 2012, a roll of the top 100 “buzz worthy” scripts of the year.

First of all, can we just talk for a minute about how a freaking PLAY made the list about HOLLYWOOD Insider Information?  The wonderful CE’s and Agents and Execs who helped buzz this script around the past few months are people who read more than most people on this planet.  I’ve been into their offices.  They have a stack of scripts on their desks next to a stack of novels and that DOESN’T include all the pdfs on their iPads.  (This is just their weekend folks).  And most of the time they read screenplays.  I haven’t read all of the scripts on this list by any stretch (I have read some though that are FANTASTIC and it’s an honor to be placed next to them) but the majority of them must be screenplays.  I’ll count this a huge score for plays and playwrights.

Second, it feels good to be recognized as a Writer On The Verge.  Whatever that really means, it sounds great.  And it sounds like I better step up my game.  A lot of the names on this list are people who are going to be around for a long long time.  I want to earn my place next to them.

Also, a huge thank you to my manager for making sure this script got to all the right people.